Siblings might have ms too

Hi How many of you ms suffers have children or other members of their families have ms, had a bit of a shock today daughter had been told she had hypothyroidism. And had been treated as so . Seen specialist today who’s said she hasn’t got hypothyroidism but there’s a possibility that she’s like me and could have ms I just wondered if there were any more in similar situations xxx I havnt been on here in a long time so hope everyone is as well as can be xx

Hi My dad was diagnosed 7 years ago with PPMS. Just before he was diagnosed I had an isolated episode of optic neuritis. I was given all clear about 3 months after having optic neuritis. 5 years on I was experiencing weak left leg and very cold feet. As a result of previous eye issue, father with MS and new symptoms I was sent for an MRI. I was diagnosed September 2015 with RRMS. I still have the weak leg and a few other symptoms and have been on Tecfidera for 8 months. I have 4 great kids and a very supportive wife and just keep hoping that the kids remain free from this. All the best

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Hiya -

I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s recent diagnosis - it must have been quite a shock?

​I was diagnosed with MS when I was 30 years old - 24 years ago! I was really sad when my niece was diagnosed with MS when she was just 18 years old.

So I guess MS somehow originates through my parents?? But there’s no other known family members with this condition but maybe in the past - I don’t know!

Sue xx

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it’s very easy to think the worst when a young family member gets ms.

yes maybe got it from your parents but there is something called a “throw back”.

like when a black baby is born to white parents or vice versa

please stop worrying

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If you do a search on ‘genes’ in the ‘What is MS?’ tab (above) on the main part of the MS Society site, it will give you the facts and figures on MS in the family as they are currently understood. I am sorry that your daughter isn’t well and hope that there is nothing too much amiss and that your worries are unfounded. Alison

Thanks will try not to worry just shock really xxx

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Thanks am trying not to worry and I know it will be a long time before we know just shock xx