Sad news

Hi all, hope you’re all as good as you can be. I have SPMS, diagnosed 11yrs now, today I found out my sister has also been dx’d, she been going through tests for the last 8yrs, I’m devastated for her how many other’s on here have siblings with MS, xx

a daughter with m.s. When another family member has m.s. it’s very difficult to convince us that there isn’t a genetic link!


My brother has it. He’s older than me, and diagnosed 10 years after I was. He’s not been affected by it anything like as much me, which I’m glad about. I did hear a stat once about how more likely someone is to get MS if a sibling does, but sadly can’t remember it. It wasn’t huge, maybe 8%, but still reasonably significant.


My sister and first cousin have, and my other first cousin, sister of cousin with MS is going through tests as she’s been showing worrying signs.

At the moment my sister is in hospital after a devastating relapse.

Nobody will convince me theres NOT a genetic link.

Thank you for your replies, yes I feel the same, there must be some generic link.