Should I shouldn't I?

Hello everyone

Was hoping that someone could help me. I have been on gabapentin since April this year at the mo I'm taking 1,300mg three times a day (but seeing MS nurse on 7/11 to change medication) and have had enough of the weight gain and was thinking about taking up Zumba fitness.

Was wondering if anyone else has done this to help them at all. I know I won't be able to do it every day cause of the amount of pain I'm in. But I thought there was no harm in trying.

So if anyone can help it would be great

Allie xx

Sounds a bit extreem to me but then I'm a sitting down sorta girl.

I wonder if something gentler that you could do every day would be better but I suppose it wouldn't be as much fun if you like all that jumping about to music.




I think if you feel up to it then go for it. I keep active as I can with walking, pilates and swimming. I can't do any standing up exercise as they're usually an hour and thats too long on my feet.

I gave the basic warm up a go and there is no way im going to be able to do it but i have to try.

Think im going to stay with my wii fit and start swimming again.

Thanks anyway

Allie xx