Should I mention MS to my gp?

Hi. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Just over 2 years ago after 18 months of tests all coming back negative or normal. Last year I just knew something wasn’t right and was starting to suspect MS. I also had a family member (cousin) who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia too who was later re-diagnosed with MS. I asked my doctor early last year for a neurologist referral not mentioning MS as you get the ‘dr Google’ look if you mention a specific condition. She said not now but maybe down the line. I have an appointment with her on Wednesday and I am determined to get that referral this time but on the fence about mentioning MS. I don’t want her thinking I am sat at home googling things but I don’t want her not taking my request for a referral seriously either. Should I just take the bull by the horns and tell her my suspicions on possible MS or keep my mouth shut when I asked for that referral.


If I were you, I’d not mention a specific diagnosis, like MS. But to say that you’re starting to wonder whether there could be something neurological causing certain symptoms. And explain what they are. If s/he is still very resistant to referring you to a neurologist, can you afford to pay for an initial private appointment?

This is what many people do when their GP will not refer them. The idea is that you find a local neurologist (preferably an MS specialist) who has both a private and an NHS practice. You get an initial appointment with this neuro. If s/he thinks that more tests (eg MRI, and possibly lumbar puncture) are warranted, you could be referred back to the NHS for the tests. The testing and future appointments are what costs the greatest amount of money.

Best of luck with it. I hope you get the answer you want from your GP anyway. And that you can have your worries put to rest, hopefully without an MS diagnosis.


I have considered getting an initial consultation with a private neurologist to see if it’s worth having tests done. If I was to do that do you know if I would get something like a report from the private consultant to give to my GP to get the ball rolling? I will see what she says on Wednesday, won’t mention MS just the neurological symptoms that have worsened. Since I’ve already approached her regarding a referral I guess I can say that things haven’t improved since that appointment and would like a referral this time as I’ve gave it nearly a year. Fingers crossed, will see what she says. Thanks for the reply btw.


I’m currently going down the private route. I’m very lucky as I’ve got medical insurance through my husbands work, otherwise the whole thing would have been too costly. The neurologist will examine you and send a letter to your GP, in it they will state hat they found on examination and any recommendations for the next steps . In my case, he found some abnormal reflexes and suggested the need for a another brain and full spine MRI with contrast along with bloods (I already had a brain MRI on the NHS, via my GP.)

Hope it helps