should I get a second opinion?

I guess I am in limbo. In April I had problems with my bladder(frequency and urgency). I developed Numbness in the bottom area so My gp referred me for an urgent mri spine. That showed a prominent central canal and as this didn’t explain my symptoms she referred me to a neurologist.

At my appointment the neurologist found altered sensation in my legs and over my abdomen. He organized an mri brain. This was reported as multiple areas of changes consistent with demyelination but not in typical ms areas. He then discussed this with a Neuro radiologist who felt the changes were non-specific.

This all left me very confused so I spoke to him on the phone and he bought the appointment forward. I saw a different consultant and it was awful. Before I went in he seemed to have decided I was a crazy woman inventing symptoms. He showed me the scan and told me that it was nothing and I should see his! He wasn’t interested in my symptoms. When I told him I had numbness in the top of my leg he said ‘if I cross my legs and one goes numb what should I do? Call my wife and tell her to get an ambulance because my leg is numb. Then when I uncross it the numbness goes away’ implying I was over playing the symptoms. He basically gave no explanation for my symptoms and made me feel as though I was making it all up.

I was so angry and upset. I don’t want a diagnosis but I also would like some answers and not to be treated like an idiot. He later left an answer phone message saying if I want a follow up scan next year to call his secretary so may be he realised he was out of order.

Now I don’t know what to do. Bladder stuff is being managed by a specialist in neurogenic problems but I don’t know whether to ask my gp to refer me for a second opinion, just wait or see someone privately. Any thoughts?

I would go back to the GP and explain what happened and how you feel. Ask for a referral for a second opinion. It takes time to get the appointment so in the meantime you can still consider going private. If you eventually decide not to see a private consultant, at least you’re in the queue already for an NHS appointment.

I wasn’t sure how easy it is to get a second opinion. It was the way he spoke to me that really got to me. As if I was inventing symptoms because someone mentioned ms to me. If fact the first neurologist found signs on examination that I wasn’t aware of and it wasn’t until they decided to do the mri that anyone mentioned ms.

you are more than entitled to a second opinion after that! (even if the appointment went better you can get a second opinion, it just will take time) i would complain about him having said what he did, you don’t deserve to be talked to like a little kid making up things