Second opinion


I was wondering if anyone knows of an MS specialist where i can get a second opinion on my MRI brain scan. My neurologists comments are quite vague and differ from the radiologists thoughts.

Thanks Christine


I’ve never needed a second opinion myself, but I would suggest that If you want to do it on the NHS, then have a word with your GP. I think the same applies if you want to go private. Also, why not get in touch with your local MS Society branch (Click on ‘Near me’ at the top of this page), they may know of another specialist in your district.


…forget to mention. You can get a copy of your scan from the hospital where it was done. I have a copy of one of mine, it cost just £10.


Thanks Ben…i may ring the ms society and ask them about specialists in the area.

I had a brain scan a few weeks ago and the radiologist reported multiple spots of highintesnsity, some brain atrophy, fluid, possibly due to a cyst and prominent ventricular, also something that could be due to demylenation. Although i have not had a follow up appt with me neuro he wrote and said he did not believe there were any significant abnormalities, no further explanation was given.

I have various symptoms which could be ms but could also be many other things.

I know from personal experience that some clues can be mis-interpreted or over looked.I just want to have the scan looked at a gain and then deal with it or move on.

Thanks Christine

Dont know how old you are but I believe they will factor in a greater amount of spots as being normal on account of getting older.

Yes they could be age related.

Im interested to find out what other peoples mri findings were.

Thanks Christine

Christine, I was diagnosed at 49 with 4 tiny white spots which they originally thought were age related. It was my other test results that led to a diagnosis of progressive Ms.

ann x

I think it might be my way forward to ask my neuro to do other tests which should help to confirm or rule out ms.

Can i ask you if your spots were in the locations where most ms lesions are found., some of mine are and others are not.

Im finding out that can be many differences in symptom first noticed and with duration. A relative of mine has PPMS, his only sympton was one day his legs went weak and gave way, the following day he could not walk and has not walked since. He was in his 50s when diagnosed.

Did an LP confirm your diagnosis?

Thanks Christine

Evoked potentials were the first clue’ they showed problems with the signals, and visual evoked potential showed the signal from my right eye to my brain was faulty. The lp confirmed the diagnosis, my leisons are not in typical places.


Thanks Ann,

Hopefully my neuro will listen and agree to the other tests.