Should I apply for DLA ?

Hi I dont have MS although it has been on and off the cards for a while. I do however have spasticity in my right calf muscle which is making flexing my foot difficult. I have a manual golf at present and so am going to have to change to an automatic with left foot controls.

I have not applied for DLA or mot ability etc but was wondering if I should as an adapted car is going to be very expensive. I have a spastic gait and have to walk very slowly to avoid tripping over my foot. I can only also manage short distances now too. I dont think I would need DLA for care etc as I can dress and wash myself ok.


Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna,

DLA’s gone - it’s PIP now anyway. The scoring categories are easily Googled, and you can have a run through and see if you’d be likely to qualify. I concluded I’d have absolutely no chance, so it would be a waste of time applying. But good luck if you decide to try.



Thanks everybody I will look into it.xxxx

Hi Moyna, I`ve just done the self test on the web and it explains everything quite clearly.

Good luck with your application.


I just tried the self test for PIP and I have a number of problems with it. I don’t know what the application form is like (I have DLA indefinitely, so I haven’t had to worry yet) but there are things the self test doesn’t cover. I don’t need help putting clothes on, but I’m so tired after a shower, even using a shower seat, that I have to sit and rest for at least 30 minutes before I can even think of dressing. I have no trouble understanding people, but I sometimes have difficulty talking - another thing the test doesn’t cover. It also doesn’t consider the fatigue caused by doing (or trying to do) what an able-bodied person would consider an everyday task.

Basically, the self test told me that I’d get ‘enhanced level mobility’, but I’d lose my care component. I hope the form covers more than the self test does.

if you are having to get an adapted car I would say you should apply but get someone to help

good luck

thanks my only real problems are walking and driving a car with right foot controls. I really cant complain of anything else too mucho I feel a bit of a fraud applying.


Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna When I first starting feeling that I might soon need an adapted car I went to my local garage and spoke to someone about how to do it. He asked if I was in receipt of dla, I wasn’t (I had never applied). He told me that, in his opinion, anyone needing an adapted car, should apply for, and get dla, so I applied, got dla and went and got a motability car. On the basis of this and you needing an adapted car you should apply, Tina is right though, it is pip now, but just apply for that. Cheryl:-)