Has anyone noticed that some of the big name stores have empty shelves? I was shopping today and found that there were gaps on the shelves one was the crisp aisle another was the coke aisle and I don’t mean a small gap there were no bottles of coke at all and about two packs of cans, the only ones they had were the peach and vanilla yuk. I know that it’s the final of the us football but that’s just silly.

Me thing hard Brexit.

Me thinks delivery lorry not arrived on time due to the weather?


yes agree with Poppy got nothing to do with brexit. Its also down to greedy people buying tons of stuff. My brother in law works for tesco, filling orders, he said xmas was an eye opener for him. thought it was POOR britain but the amount of drinks and stuff being bought trolleys full baskets worth over 400.00.

thing is wouldnt bother me if there were no crisps or coke left anyway its one of the worse things people can consume lol.

Just so long as they don’t run out of chocolate.

Of course, I mean that medically as it has been recognised to help ease MS fatigue.

Oh dear, a lot of it comes from Belgium…

Bother Brexit! (I had another word in mind there)



It was Saturday and the beginning of the month, more people shop on Saturdays specially at the end/beginning of the month.

Snow doesn’t help the country comes to a standstill!!

Jan x

Not here, Saturday is pretty quiet, Sunday has become the busiest time to shop. I would go with deli ery probs

My new favorite is sainsbury dark 50pence a bar its blooming scrummy.