Shine on Scotland Campaign

I am writing with great sadness… I hear that the Shine on Scotland Campaign, which was started in April 2009 by Ryan McLaughlin, to seek support for the use of Vitamin D to prevent the onset of MS, is in dire threat of closing due to lack of support and financial aid… I find this quite tragic… The Campaign, when introduced, was given the backing of MS Society Scotland… Personally, aswell as being a member of the MS Society i have become friends with Ryan and his family… My question is this ; Are the MS Society prepared to allow this Campaign to close without assistance, having previously given backing to the Campaign… ??? I would hope that the MS Society would be able to assist in some way,…

-does that mean there is no interest regarding vit.d? I do hope not as scientists are now only realising how so many of the popoulation of the uk are depleted in the necessary levels.

I know Scotland having the highest incidence of msers with relatively low vit.d levels because of location, shone a light to the rest of us. I was precribed extra vit.d3 because fellow msers in Scotland were getting them on the nhs!

Lets hope the ms society in Scotland keep backing the cause and give advice as to the merits of supplementation of vit.d3 in the fight against ms. At least its a start and sounded promising.



YES . there is alot of interest in Vitamin D. the Shine on Scotland Campaign is struggling to meet costs tho,. its such a shame as Ryan has done so much work on it…It is in danger of closing down…

I am with you here; even though I don’t know about the ‘Shine on Scotland Campaign’. I sent a message to woman’s hour yesterday as they were doing a piece on vitamin D and pregnancy. They tend to concentrate on the problem with rickets in children caused by lack of vitamin D and mainly mention lack of dairy products and oily fish. They actually mentioned sunshine as well yesterday but no mention was made of MS or R Arthritis. I feel that they are worried that they could be ‘scare mongering’. I do hope the campaign continues.



Can anybody Help us to save this Campaign…???


Being in Scotland I am aware of Shine on Scotland.

Re the MSS continuing to help-I dunno re that. As far as I am aware the MSS helped to fund MS nurses initially but they are now paid by local Health Boards.

Everybody (by that I mean any illness that you care to name) needs consistent funding-I suspect initial funding is often obtained but its the continuing thats difficult. The NHS and/or MSS dont have unlimited supplies of cash…

I fully appreciate that prevention is better than cure (I use the term loosely as know theres no cure for MS) but if the money isnt available for the contiuation of the initial service then what happens? It ceases and even more issues in the future I suspect…

Just read over what I have written-sounds very negative-sorry-but its the reality as I see it-wish I was wrong…

Ellie x

Thanks for that Ellie…

Living in Aberdeenshire I am a little ashamed to say I have never heard of it…and only recently started thinking about vitamin d supplements! Is this something I should be asking my ms nurse about? What is the recommended doseage…or is it based on lab results? Julia

Hi Julie… You certainly should be talking to your MS nurse, and your GP, before taking Vitamin D … Dosages vary from person to person… Take a look at our website aswell . Hope this helps.

Thanks will do…

thanks J…

It is fairly obvious that this Campaign is worthwhile Saving,

HI Spudz … check us out… we are on Facebook ,and Twitter, we also have our own website…

Just a quick, stray thought: how about asking Diabetes UK and the National Osteoporosis Society whether they’d be prepared to chip in to the campaign? They probably have their own specific causes that they’re lobbying for, but something with big backing’s likely to have more success - for everyone.

Let’s be clear that prescriptions are paid for in Scotland because the Scottish Government acknowledges that lifestyle choices (e.g. “shall I pay for that prescription” versus “shall I have fish & chips”) aren’t always decided sensibly by individuals. One would hope that such an enlightened Government might similarly fund preventative ‘medicine’.

Lolli xx

Thanks for that Lolli

Errr, except I didn’t mean National Osteoporosis Society - because they’ve obviously been involved already. There was some other condition that was highlighted only recently as being related to vitamin D deficiency. Diabetes was one, but what was the other? Duh, not much help at all!

Lolli xx