I took the bull by the horns this morning and rang the neuro for mri results. The secretary told me he has looked at them and she couldn't tell me anything but needed to check a few things and she would phone me back.

My neck is now burning like mad and my back and shoulders are killing me. I feel really scared and all I did was make a call!

Now I think this is it and I'm thinking will she tell me anything or will I be left in this awful limbo.

Keeping evrything crossed that she phones back soon.


Stress is a killer Chis letdown

Try and take your mind of it while you wait (a good film, music...)?

I hope you hear soon.

Karen x

Thanks Karen,

Just phoned her again as she didn't get back to me and she said she couldn't tell me anything over the phone but she will put my file in his tray. Ho myself in a right old tizz for nothing!

The wait goes on!!


But you phoning has probably got your file in front of the neuro quicker than it would have done, so it wasn't a complete waste!


I’m sorry all the waiting is making you so stressed Chis. It is the worst part- waiting for the diagnosis!

It doesn’t seem like it now but you will get there eventually. The whole situation is not helped by people who say they will 'phone you back and never do!

Hang in there, hopefully it will be soon.

Thinking of you,

Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa,

The kids finish school for 1/2 term on Friday and it's my daughters 8th birthday next week. I so don't want their holiday and her birthday overshadowed by this terrible cloud I've suddenly found myself under. I wish I could just shake off this awful dread.

If a letter comes when they are holiday I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to open it.

I am so trying to hide my fears from my husband and family, this has been going on for a year but its only since the mri last week that I suddenly feel scared. Trying to keep myself occupied but failing miserably.

Anyway thank you again for your kind words,


Hi chris..feeling for you re being in Limbo..but lets hope you get some news via the neuro soon..allot of us are going through the same..but that doesnt make it easier..just try and get on with stuff and if thoghts come into your head about it all..try and think of something your half term plans etc.. As much as you wnat answers..and may want to ask questions..the time and opportunity will come for frustrating as this is..hang in there and you will find plenty of support here..anytime..