Senior artist with progressive MS

I feel very isolated I have been very independent until now I am quite disabled I find life very changed and difficult

It is terribly hard when MS robs us of things that feed our soul/earn our living/give us our identity etc. And it is awfully good at doing that.

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I agree with alison100, this is a very difficult condition to live with and adapting can be hard, chin up.

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Thanks for your response Yes it’s so hard when you’ve been independent and self reliant and suddenly you are restricted and your habits of a life time have to be changed because of your legs being heavy and weaker and my hand is shaking a bit holding my paint brush I hope I can go on painting as I have 3 unfinished….I have spent years on …

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This is a bit of a long shot but with the thought in mind that it might help you to be able to make contact with similarly afflicted artists,I believe there is an artist called Sarah Longlands who has MS. If it is the same person then you can find an artist Sarah Longlands on the web - she has her own site which, I think, includes contact details.

I came across the name years ago when I was looking at stuff her husband , David Wheldon, had published on the treatment of MS with a cocktail of antibiotics and supplements.