Self employment tax return has not been done by accountant. Advice urgently needed

Please help

My partner stopped being self employed 18 months ago. According to HMRC his tax return hasn’t been done by his accountant. His accountant says he’s done it and to leave it with him. This has been going on for months and now my partner can’t get in contact with his accountant and he’s since vacated his business premises. My partner has no other contact phone number or address. In the mean time my partner is being fined. I really don’t know what to do. Can anyone advise please. TIA


Hi Fiona, Sorry to hear of the situation.

How about contacting the CAB - Citizens Advice? They I’m sure could advise or at least signpost you to the right people that can assist.

All the best


Hi Fiona,

I suggest; as it is a legal matter; contact the Disabled Law Service Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service The MS Society pay for free legal advice.


Hi, thanks for your advice. I’ve mentioned the same to my partner today. This is so frustrating and it’s starting to stress me out. We have enough outgoings and a 8 month old baby to support



Hi George

It’s my partner that was self employed, not me


Hi Fiona, the suggestion by George still might be an option as the situation is impacting on you. Could be worth a try?

The following MS Society webpage mentions the same link:


I guess you`ve spoken to the tax man and explained the situation?

But will they be sympathetic? maybe not!

It is a worry indeed.


He phoned them today and they couldn’t give a damn. .He asked how much he owed and they couldn’t give a answer without this code this code with his accountant has. The thing is is that that they owe him money rather than the other way round, but because the tax return has not been done he can’t get the money back.



Fiona, is it his 2015-2016 return? I imagine the code will be the Government Gateway code which will be on previous year’s tax returns if you have copies at home.

My suggestions - try ringing the tax office again, hopefully you’ll get a more sympathetic response. I’ve always found them helpful in the past (I usually start a telephone conversation with “I really need your help…” ).

Has the accountant completed previous tax returns for your husband? Do you have the accountant’s certification/registration number?

Check with Companies House if he is still trading. They should hold his current trading address.

Get in touch with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and see what advice they can offer.

Apart from that as the others have said, CAB will point you in the right direction.


Thanks. I’ll let my partner read this when he comes home from work.