Second Time Around

Hello I was diagnosed as SP in 2009 after a year of tests approx. Nearly five years later I saw a different neuro who gave me barely ten minutes and told me I had the wrong sort of lesions and if I could wear the ankle boots I had on I did not have MS. I sought a second opinion and that neuro said he agreed with him without even having my notes. So I was given Fibromyalgia and CFS as my diagnosis. Over the years I have continued to have MS symptoms and now my GP wants to refer me back to neurology. My fear is it will be back to the one who was so rude to me. I am wondering how I can cope with it all as I don’t think I can face him again and I cannot choose who I see. Must add he has an awful reputation so not just me.

Hello Lynda, sorry to hear about how you are being treated and hope in future you get more sympathetic care. You don’t have to go back to the same neurologist you can chose who you want to go to. Explain your past treatment to your GP and get him/her to refer you elsewhere. Everyone has the right to be treated courteously. (((HUGS))) Maz

So sorry that you have experienced such dreadful treatment. Sadly that is typical of many Neuro’s. My one is so far up his fundament he has almost disappeared and so rude. I understand doctors have to show no emotions but surely there is a level they must maintain! When does rudeness become acceptable? I remember on one of my first visits with him 4 years ago when he suggested the one and only treatment I have ever had for my PPMS pre Ocrevus days and now. When I asked him about this off label treatment he told me to Google it! It was at that point that I realised that this MS battle was going to be a lonely one for me as the heavy guns are moving away. You have every right to demand to see another Neuro and in fact choose one that you wish to be referred to. We should not forget that we pay much of their salary. Rudeness seems to be a common trait amongst Neuro’s