Second opinion for MS?

Hi guys,

im currently really depressed with everything. I had various tests that led the doctors to confirm I have RRMS. It doesn’t feel real, no one in my family has it and I am the only one. I am on Lemtrada - and it seems my disease has not been active since being on it. Should I get a second opinion to see if I do in fact have MS?

Sorry if its a silly question - I am just a little overwhelmed.

Of course your entitled to a second opinion but as you’ve probably seen on here, people struggle to get a diagnosis, especially one of MS so it’s very unlikely they have diagnosed it unless they are certain.

How long ago were you given your diagnosis? It might be worth waiting a while and see if you still feel you want a second opinion. In the mean time have as much support around you as possible and see if you can come to terms with what you have been told a bit more. If I’m a few months you still feel the same then you could ask for one.

Hope this helps in some way.



Have you considered all the evidence the doctors have used to make the diagnosis of MS in terms of the McDonald Criteria? If not, this is a link to the MS Trust webpage:

To be on a fairly heavy duty drug like Lemtrada, the doctors must have been confident they had made the correct diagnosis.

The fact that you are the only member of your family with MS might make you wonder, but there’s no rule that MS runs in families, I’m the only member of my family with MS too.

If your MS has not been active since your Lemtrada treatment, then that may well tell you that it’s a good drug for you. So long as you accept that the diagnosis was correct to start with.


Hi, I’d think that the Lemtrada is working if you haven’t had a relapse since starting it, that can only be good.

I’m the only person in my family that has MS.

Try to stop worrying…a second opinion would probably result in nothing new, the drug is doing it’s job.

Your GP could help you with the depression…