Hi ya Im still awaiting a diagnosis, I had an MRI scan but because I had a hip replacement they did not do the spine, I had a phone call from the hospital saying the consultant has ordered a Spect scan and have to go on Thursday I understand this shows up blood flow in the brain and I wondered if this could be used to check the spine for lesions with the MRI not covering this or could it just be for the brain. Kindest Regards Colin

Hi, I’m not very familiar with SPECT scans, as I don’t think they are a usual tool in MS diagnosis. However, I do not think an investigation of blood flow in the brain could possibly point to whether or not there is a lesion in the spinal cord. Your brain does not receive blood from the spinal cord, so an analysis of blood flow wouldn’t be able to predict if something was wrong in the cord, I’m fairly certain. I think they are looking for possible other (blood-flow related) reasons for your symptoms, and that the scan won’t be of your spine. Sorry if I’m guessing wrong. I have heard of SPECT being used for other parts of the body, but I think brain is most likely here. Tina

Hi Tina thank you for the info Kindest Regards Colin