Hello good people.

I’ve had a scan. Here’s the account if you wish to read it.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Aww Steve I’m glad the scan went well. When do you get your results? Frazer always comes with me on my hospital appointment, I find that the waiting room goes from gloomy to happy , he always brightens the atmosphere and makes even the saddest people smile. We usually get crowds of nurses coming out just to fuss him. I’ve never watched the Exocist , I don’t like horror films , I’ve seen the terminator. I think people take so much for granted it’s good that you did all of those things when you could . You have to do what you can when you have the opportunity, many people waste opportunities but right now you are doing such a lot …our wheels are our legs Steve and although the fatigue gets us down we can still do loads . I was telling the Ross care wheelchair repair man how much I love my chair , he came to replace the batteries yesterday…id worn them out and only had the chair since February, Frazer and myself are doing so much now and the brilliant thing is I forget that I’m disabled when I’ve got my chair on full speed with the wind blowing my hair …i never would have thought a wheelchair could be such fun! Michelle and Frazer xx

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I’ve been to that hospital many times Steve, when I lived in Sussex, though always as a visitor. I found it to be an oppressive building, to be honest. I’m glad your scan went well and hoping your results are not too worrisome. I worked in Radiology department in Eastbourne General for a time. I remember being amazed on learning that breast cancer isn’t just for women! I trust all is well with your bloods Steve and wish you all the best.

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Hi Steve,

Glad your scan went well and fingers crossed that everything is all ok.

Pam x