Sativex and driving

Hi, I was given a driving licence to be renewed after 3 years, even though I have been driving for that last 30 years, and had to reapply in December 2012, I listed all the medication I was taking, but had been prescribed Sativex 2 years earlier, so put that down as well, as DVLA didn’t know about it.

I got a letter from DVLA saying that my licence had been revoked, because the medication I was on, meant that I would not be able to drive.

I spent months not being able to drive, and when I did reapply again, I put the medication down, apart from the Sativex, and got my licence back. I have since seen my Consultant (Dr Shakespeare) who prescribed it, and told what had happened, DVLA were asked 5 years ago, if people taking Sativex would be able to drive, and they were told by DVLA that patients on Sativex could drive provided it wasn’t affecting their judgement or ability to control a car. Dr Shakeshpeare is going to aks DVLA for clarification.

I haven’t taken Sativex since January, even though I really needed to take it for Spasms, and muscle stiffness, I have already been on Baclofen, but that made the weakness worse.

Has anyone else had the same problem?