Right, decided to tell the kids, any advice?

I’ve been struggling to work out how to tell my children, 11 & 13, that I have this delightful condition… Any advice?

Don’t want to be too blunt but don’t want to hide anything from them either.

All sensible or otherwise suggestions gratefully received…

Chris. x

I told mine when they were 8 and 10, to be honest they seemed thoroughly non-plussed! I think kids take things in their stride more than we do. The one thing we really stressed was that it’s different for everybody, not to listen to what other people say about MS and always to ask us if they had questions or were worried. Hope it goes OK. Becky x

There is quite a lot of literature provided by the MS trust which explains MS to kids and teenagers - this is free! Hope this helps! Teresa xx

I don’t have children so I can’t help with person experince but have a look above and see if it helps.

Good luck hun


Hi Chris,

Mine are 5 and 12 and they both took it really well!!!

We sat them down and said that as they know i have been really wobbly and have bad eyes and that the Dr who did my pictures found the wiring in my head wasn’t working properly!!! i can have medecine that will hopefully top me getting worse as quickly but no cure!I Kids are fantastic and pretty resiliant!! As Becky said above to tell them everyone is different and not to listen to others.

I got the literature for them and it’s a fab book, my eldest took hers into school to show her teachers and friends so they all understood better!

Hope this all helps!!

Take Care and i’m thiking of you!!

Kate x x x