Review of effectiveness of DMD's

I found this on the research update part of the MS Trust website - worth a look? Should be able to rely on the information/findings since it is a Cochrane review of quality papers… “Do some disease modifying treatments work better than others? This Cochrane Database Systematic Review pooled the data from 44 high quality studies of 11 different disease modifying treatments (DMTs) for MS, including some that are less routinely used. The studies included 17,401 adults with either relapsing-remitting (RRMS) or progressive types of MS who were treated for an average of two years. They found that there is good evidence that both natalizumab and interferon beta 1a (Rebif) can reduce relapses and disability progression compared to placebo in people with RRMS. However, they highlighted concerns over the risk of PML with natalizumab especially after more than two years of treatment. Other DMTs presented a more complex balance of benefits and risks for people with RRMS, with some being more favourable than others.” Read more…

Did you put a reference in and it then disappeared? I am really interested in reading more but couldn’t find this on the MS Trust website.

Ooh I’ll have a gander tomorrow … interesting though especially as I’ve not long started rebif. Thanks for the heads up xxx

[quote=Bea]I found this on the research update part of the MS Trust website - worth a look?

The link seems to have dissappeared??? Hope the above link works! It was in the 12th June 2013 research update. On the MS Trust website. Bea

Link works perfectly for me, Bea.

Gave some food for thought. I think that Copaxone has been good for me, but now I need to look at the medium/long term side effects ahead of my Neuro appointment in three weeks.

Thanks for pointing the link up.


Yes it’s back now and have been able to look, it is interesting to see these results one would hope in the future that Neuros would advise patients to use the DMD that slows progression as well as helping relapses. Personally have found Betaferon has helped with relapses (still have them but much milder) but it doesn’t seem to have helped with progression. It appears that natalizumab is being trialed for most kinds of MS at the moment, thank you Bea

Wendy x

I found it very interesting. I think I chose the right one - Rebif. I’m coming up to my 4th anniversary of first injection and was relapse free for 3.5 years. This relapse was much milder and I am recovering better.