Research survey via Shift MS

This psychology student who has RRMS is researching the emotional & mental impact of progressive MS … both SPMS and PPMS.

It’s a questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes or so. I got it in Tweet from Shift MS & it’s obviously all above board. So if you have the time and the inclination, here it is:

Pat xx

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Thanks Pat

Put it in my favourites, will do it tomorrow

Noreen xx

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Thanks Pat. I usually try to help with these where I can. I remember as a student nurse trying to get case studies and other info from patients and so many people couldn’t be bothered or just didn’t want us asking questions and it was very frustrating. We were working full shifts, studying, writing essays and doing assignments all at the same time. We didn’t have term holidays like other students, only four weeks off a year. And we never had resources like the internet to appeal for help. I’m so glad my studying years are over.

Cath x

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Done it, not sure how much use it will be to anyone though.

Jan x

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Thanks for that Pat! All done!

Nina x

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