Repeating Jerk sensation like sometimes happens nodding off

I am sure everybody knows that peculiar jerk and falling sensation that sometimes happens at the point of falling asleep. I am curious because twice whilst lying on my side in bed in the last week I have had a very similar experience except it kept recurring, say 4 or 5 times over a couple of minutes, until I turned onto my back. I cant remember it ever repeating on me before and it happened only rarely. Also, these jerks caused my partially bent left knee to contract further into the bend whereas I rcall on these other occasions I think the leg jerked out straight. I wondered if this could be symptomatic. Anybody?

It was a new symptom for me in 2010 and got bad enough that I began to sometimes look like I was having fits. I now take a combination of baclofen and pregabalin to keep it in check.

They are called myoclonic jerks and are exactly like the ones that we get when falling asleep - except we get them when we are wide awake, which of course we shouldn’t.

Karen x

Hi, I also get myoclonic jerks which seemed to start with me having what’s called a No No nod, where my head would go from side to side all on it’s own. Then my arms, legs and trunk decided to join in and would keep me awake at night and I’d be downstairs pulling my hair out for the want of sleep. I now take Clonzapan and Keppra, the jerks have subsided a lot but I do still get them. Hope this helps.



Hi ya,

I’m another one with myoclonic jerks. I’ve been on clonazepam for a couple of years now and it’s definitely helped (although not stopped them altogether). Sometimes they’re worse than others.

It started of with what I thought was just restless legs at night but it started affecting other parts and resulted in ‘fit like’ bodily jerks which was when I spoke with my neuro about it.

There are meds which can help you so definitely speak with your GP or Neuro.

Good luck

Debbie xx

I get it a lot but it’s linked to my epilepsy. I was told though that it can also be a side effect of some aed’s. Annoying isn’t it? The amount of cups of coffee I have thrown over myself lol Xxx

Thanks guys. Well at least I wont be kicking the wife out of bed as the leg is moving the wrong way, but I better trim those toenails just in case. Reminded me that I once smashed a mirror on a wall by the bed by kicking out in my sleep.

I do this too, kids think its a party trick as it happens when I’m relaxing on the couch normally cuddled up to one of them. I didn’t know it was ms related! Having said that I did mention it to the neuro who just nodded his head, he never seems to give much away! Chis

Hey Chris maybe he’s also got the YES YES nod!!! LOL



He he!!!

Strangely my legs don’t do this thankfully - actually my partner kicks and shuffles as he thinks he’s doing jujitsu sometimes! Yep fun for me in bed!

The only experience of jerking has been my thumb which after holding the IPAD in my dodgy hand for 30mins went beserk jerking for a few hours. I couldn’t even hold my phone to text. It was rather scary! I had this vision of me throwing things at my patients when I saw them - not in a funny way! Thank fully it hasn’t happened since but I haven’t held anything heavy quiet like that again.