Relapsing on tysabri... =/ info welcomed

Ive been on tysabri for 8 months now and these past few days ive just felt ‘not the same’, when ive previously relapsed i get the fatigue and achyness for a day or two ( like the joints in my bones are rusty) well ive been feeling like that a few days now loosing my rag abit too quick(verbally) me and my fiancee have just welcomed our 1st child into the world and shes hard work but great… Im on tysabri but i went for my last infusion and it just didnt give me that same booster feeling like it usually does i just dont know if ive relapsed on the dmd or is it just tiredness ive never relapsed on tysabri so i just dont know… Hmm

hi skipper

please let your doctor, neuro or ms nurse know how u r feeling.

carole x


I’ve never had a relapse on Tysabri I’m on my 7th year I’d my 85th infusion there on Monday, I do feel like you form time to time I feel abit like that now but Its the cold weather does it do me the relapses I had in the past left me unable to walk thats what I classed as a relapse and still would if it ever happened. When the weather is at least mild I feel better and when were lucky enough to get nice warm sunny weather I’m great.

But do see your doctor or MS nurse and make sure.


I had a ‘biggy’ last year left me unable to walk, lost strength in my right arm, ive had around 6 relapses i got re diagnosed from rrms to rapidly evolving rrms, mri shown up 3 new lesions i was on copaxone so they re offered me tysab

I was the same right from diagnoses and while on Avonex I went from rrms to rapidly evolving rrms.

​Mother of all relapses left me paralysed from the chest down I had some use of my left arm but that was about it I spent 7 weeks bedbound in hospital before I started to get the feeling back in my feet I did get home but I was in a wheelchair and then I needed a lot of care my breathing speech and swallow got really bad so much so I thought I’d never see another day I begged to have Tysabri and then my live started to turn round for the best, people are stocked now if I tell them I have MS lol