Hi, I think this one might be to ask the neuro.

if I have a relapse and have one symptom and there is a delay in getting steriods. I start the steriods and stright away a second symptom starts (not a steriod side effect), even though my orginal sysmtom has not improved. Doe sthis mean I am having two relapses or one longer multi - symptom relapse? thanks

I think it’s probably the same relapse caused by the same area of demyelination. Definitely one to ask the neuro… Not much help but at least it’ll bump you up. Take care. Ann xx

You can have lots of little relapses all separate, if it keeps like that over the year etc then like me your neuro bod may say your RRMS (highly active)

With me after 2 years of this and being on Rebif most has stopped apart from fatigue and vertigo.
So maybe he will change me back to RRMS (sleeping)