Double dip relapse?

Is there such a thing as a double dip relapse? (much like a double dip recession!)

I relapsed about 6 weeks ago and have been recovering after a 5 day course of oral steriods and a stay in hospital. For the last 24 hours I feel like I am relapsing again, when I am not fully recovered frrom the last one. My legs are bad, I feel like I am going to fall over

I have phoned the ms nurses, and am waiting for a call. In the meantime I am worrying, I have never heard of this, might it just be a bad day/24 hours not a relapse Any advice please?

sorry, ignore this one, I have no idea how I managed to post this twice


Unfortunately, it is possible to have another relapse hot on the heels of the first. Within a month, they’d still count it as all part of the same thing, but after six weeks, could be another one.

It’s probably to early to assume the worst yet, though, and you might just be having a bad day. I have found recovery from relapses isn’t linear, and it can seem like two steps forward, and one step backwards, at times. Or do I mean one step forward, and two steps backwards?

Premature confidence can also cause a setback. For example, you feel better for a day or two, see this as the cue to attempt something you haven’t attempted in a while, and end up feeling knocked-for-six. Is there a chance you’ve done anything like that recently?


there is such a thing as back to back relapses i went through this last year, i started one in april,had another in june, then one in august,and then had a really severe one in october and december that left me in bed for months and having to have carers in daily,so all in all i had 5 in 9 months,needless to say i was very,very ill,and have only just started to be able to stand up.

Yes, it can happen. I had two spells of successions of relapses before starting on Tysabri. Just as one thing was starting to fade, the next was reaching its peak and the one after that was tuning up. Bloody awful. I stupidly resisted steroids for months on both occasions, but in the end the steroids did damp things down and break the cycle. I hope that the steroids - which will be working hard for you, even if they’re not quite there yet - will quickly snuff out any efforts your MS might be making to cause more trouble.

I hope you start to feel much better soon.



Sorry, meant to say, of course, you are quite right and it could just be a blip or a bad day. Fingers crossed that is the case here.



I had this last year. I got an old symptom relapse and about a week later I got a new symptom to join it. The neuro classed this as two relapses.

Mine was motor function (leg and then the arm followed).

I’ve had pretty much back to back relapses in the last few months.

ON in September which cleared up in October but a few weeks later my leg went numb and a week after that, my arm. This carried on until February when it went away and then a month later in March I got ON again which I still have.

I’ve only had a few weeks relapse in the last 8 months and I’ve had 3 doses of IV steroids (Sep, Dec and Feb).

It’s a pain never getting a break from it.

Also meant to add that this bout of ON coincided with an infection I got so initially the MS nurse thought it might not be a relapse. But it’s been a month nearly and the infection is well gone so I think it’s safe to say it’s another relapse.

Thank you for your replies. After speaking to the MS nurse today, shes got me in for an appt to see the neuro at a ‘relapse clinic’ next week, so at least I am getting looked at.

I am just scared that they wont give me any new treatments. I am not on anything by gabapentine for the pain, but thats not stopping the frequency or severity of the relapses.

I havent had a relapse in 6 years, I put this down soley to having had 3 babies in quick succession, and I gave up b feeding the last of my kids a year ago. Anecdotally, it appears being pregnant/breast feeding seems to protect you against relapses, and I was waiting for this relapse to happen. It is this lack of recent relapses that is the reason I am not on anything else, and while I really dont want to be on any drugs, I need something to stop me relapsing, I need to be on my feet being a mum to my young kids. starts to panic a bit