Hi, going through a major relapse at the moment. Lost my speech a month ago couldn’t speak. Speech coming back slowly but can’t get words out properly. Then got severe pains in legs. Gutted been so good for a number of years. Not on medication now but on injection for a number of years before. Now to pick a new type of medication once I get a Miri scan but a lot of the new ones have have scarey sideafects. Any one on the new tablet form. Bit freaked out at the moment tried to decided

hi scruff

the choice of DMDs is good in one way but confusing in another way.

i moved from copaxone which was easy, to tecfidera.

it came as a shock to my system.

had quite horrible side effects at first but they only lasted a month.

they were resolved by changing what i ate and when.

tecfidera’s side effects sound scary but we are monitored and have regular blood tests to check our lymphocyte levels.

i’m really sorry to read that your good run has been interrupted.

ms is bloody rude!

back on your horse and back into battle!