Hi all My wife’s just had a relapse , first biggy since her first big one a couple of years ago , she’s had a relapse that she didn’t realise was one , but this one was very obvious !!! Face had fallen , balance all over the place and grip not so good . Her face is back to normal now but her grip and balance is still not very good , she even agreed to have a stick to aid her whilst walking . MS nurse has been great .I didn’t know a relapse plan is something you should have in place till now ?Steroids got , urine sample done and MS nurse informed . Is there anything else ? I had to pay for my wife’s prescription is that right as well? Thanks for you help : )

Hi Beef,

Sorry to hear about your wife and her relapse, I think you have done most things.

What I would suggest is seeing her doctor and requesting a prescription exemption card. If you still can, I live in Wales now.

I remember having one for all my prescription medicines when I lived in London.

Yours. Andy