Relapse or not? Spinning in tiny circles

I should be able to work this out after 6 1/2 years!

Since 16th June I’ve been very gently spinning - it was initially only noticeable when I sat still or laid down. Now I’m noticing it all the time. I got my younger daughter to video me, so I can look at myself and check! I don’t have any other symptoms.

On 15th June I went on a river cruise with my local MS society. It was a really long day 10-3, but a really lovely day. When I laid down that night I felt I was still on the water (as you do), now I realise it was me spinning.

We went to Spain for half term and it was incredibly stressful and tiring. We stayed with my mum and her partner and that in itself is not easy. She’s hard work. They paid for us to fly there, which of course is so incredibly generous of them, and I think this may have played a part in my trying to put the thought that I might be having a relapse, to the back of my mind. I also wanted the kids and my partner to have a holiday, which we could never afford ourselves.

The night before we came home I got hopelessly tired trying to pack and then fell twice. On our return the spinning maxed out! Sorry for the waffle!! I sent an email to my MS nurse saying I thought I was having a relapse. In the morning I felt better and sent another email saying I thought I wasn’t!!! OMG!

So do I contact the MS nurse again and say is it back on? Or just put it down to stress of the holiday?


Do you think it’s vertigo? Have a look at

For me, vertigo can be an off and on symptom outwith actual relapses. But that’s only my experience. It might be different for you. As we all know only too well, MS is different for us all!

Perhaps talk to your MS nurse and see what s/he thinks?

(I assume you meant May in your post when you said 15th/16th June? Unless you’re a time traveller in which case the spinning sensation might be explained by that!)


Thanks Sue - I wish I could time-travel Lol!

Yes - I think you’re right. I’ve asked my MS nurse to give me a x


I have dizziness pretty much 80% of the time, and at times severe vertigo like symptoms where all I can do is lie down and hope it passed quickly. These episodes are always accompanied by really bad nausea.

Ask your MS Nurse because we’re all different, but going on my experience it’s just another MS symptom for me.

Take care


i’ve been reading this post and thinking to myself “flippin heck i feel dizzy”. however it may be the fact that i’ve been sipping single malt for the last hour! there are exercises for vertigo which i have never tried, Sue’s link may have more info. maybe replacing your flooring with a bouncy castle could help. take care and if you must fall, fall safely. carole x

Playground bouncy stuff instead of carpets help!

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