Recieved letter today!

Hi recieved letter today here we go! You will be pleased to hear that the recent MR scans of your brain an spinal cord are normal. In particular there are no patchy changes to suggest a chronic inflammatory process to account for the various sypmtoms you have been having for many years. (it says CHANGES I’ve not had MRIs before, I had a ct scan about 20 years ago) The results of your blood tests are satisfactory as well. There is no evidence of mild diabetes or vit b12 deficientcy. The only positive finding is a slightly raised level of the ESR, which can be an indicator of inflammation, but this is unlikely to be significant as an isolated finding. You do not have any of the circulating antibodies that occur in lupus, sjogrens syndrome and other rare autoimmune disorders. These are reassuring results in the sense that we have found no positive evidence of any of the more serious causes of intermittent sensory syptoms, joint pains and. Fatigue. It is just possible that these syptoms might be indirectly related to your Crohns disease, although that association would be difficult to prove or disprove. In practical terms it makes sense to continue treatment with azathioprine alone if possible, avoiding further use of steriods unless there is a clear indication for stepping up the treatment. I am not sure that there is much more I can add by seeing you again in my clinic in the immediate future, but we could arrange another appointment later on if you think this would be of any help. Perhaps you could write and let me know your views about that. Many thanks Yours sincerely… View and thoughts on this please, I’ve not imagined syptoms and no suggestion had ever been made of trapped nerves etc. I kno something is up because of extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, cud it be fibro ? The only suggestion my doc made other day is Guillian barres syndrome Plus crohns an she thought I was anemic too an gave me iron tabs. I have a niggly feeling that even if I did have the start of ms that because of government changes with DLA etc that the government doesn’t want anyone being diagnosed with an illness that could hinder them from And so I’ve now will have to go back to a strenuous physical job of lifting all day and back to a 46hr week, and I’ve lost money by being signed off sick for 6 weeks !. I too feel at a lose of what to do next! Any suggestions plz thanks in advance Tracie.