Recently joined MS Society

Firstly hello everyone. Although I was diagnosed with MS in Jan 2020 just before lockdown I have only recently joined the MS Society. I have found the past 2 years extremely difficult and have struggled with my diagnosis and the pandemic. I finally agreed to go on a DMT - Plegridy in Dec 2020 but have a lot of headaches and injection site reactions which do not come up for a week after I inject and then last for several months. My neurologist has offered me new DMT options but I find the process of deciding which one is best very stressful. I am, by nature, an anxious person with a terrible case of ‘White Coat Syndrome’. Can anyone give me the benefit of their knowledge of Kesimpta monthly injections and Tecfidera tablets? I am anxious about PML and reduced ability to fight off Covid infections. Also how have people coped with not being able to have live or live attenuated vaccines on these treatments? Have you been able to have your Covid and Flu annual vaccines? I am hoping to return to going on holiday and will presumably require vaccines at some point for travel. Any help suggestions would be very gratefully received.

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