Recent Diagnosis

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, currently waiting to start treatment. I’ll be going onto the copaxone injections. My brother also has MS, he’s had it for approximately 11 years but has it quite bad, he has paralysis from the shecy down. Is it quite common for sibling groups to both have it? Nice to ‘meet’ everyone Nicola

Hello Nicola

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us (ie your diagnosis).

Copaxone is a really well tolerated drug. Just remember to rotate your injection sites. So aim for the fattest bits of you, but change them round.

MS within families isn’t uncommon, there’s something like a 1 in 37 chance of getting an MS diagnosis if your brother has it. So you’ve been unlucky, but it could be worse. It also doesn’t follow that your disease pattern will mirror your brothers. So you’re may stay mild and relapse free for years to come.

Best of luck with the drug.


Hi Nicola In the nicest possible way I’m sorry you’re here but it’ll be nice to see you around Really hope it all works out for you with Copaxone