Recent diagnosis but what type?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could provide some insight on what type of ms I might have? I have recently been told I have MS following an MRI. I have been referred to the ms team and still waiting for an appointment. The consultant neurologist said I had a lesion on my brain and spinal cord. (I’m presuming from what he said that I have 2 lesions but I didn’t see scan). I don’t feel that he was very helpful. My first symptom started in October 2014, my whole left arm became very numb which lasted for about 3 weeks before returning to normal. Since then my thumb on my left hand has remained very slightly numb. In January of this year I noticed that my waist on my left hand side was numb, again this lasted for about 3 weeks before returning to normal. The day before I had my results my face on the left hand side started to go numb, this only lasted for a few hours. Does this sound like rrms? I am worried that because I have a lesion on my spine that it might be indicative of ppms?

Just to add to that, I also developed tinnitus quite recently. No other symptoms and I don’t ever feel unwell or fatigued, just the numbness.

Any replies much appreciated,


Hi, I dont think that your type of ms is fully dependent on where lesions are.

Your ms nurse will hopefully be more helpful…they usually are.

RRMS, is as it sounds, symptoms come and go…if you do have this type, then there are drugs to help with attacks, if you fit the criteria for them.

Try not to overdo things, as ms fatigue can be a real sod to cope with.

Look after yourself and hope the next appointment is helpful.


Thank you,

in amongst all the reading I was doing I saw that spinal lesions were found more in ppms. I think I need to give it a break until I see the specialist because I’m just getting myself really worked up.