Rebif treatment in uk

Hello. Someone I know suffers from MS and is under treatment with Rebif. She lives in another country, and I was wondering, if she were to come in uk, would she be able to get Rebif treatment here? I don’t know much about this, but from what she told me, if she were to live in another country, thos treatment would cost around 1.000 euro a month. Is there any chance she might be able to get it here? I am asking because we are interested in moving here, only, we couldn’t affort to pay 1.000 euro a month for it.


I think it depends where she’s coming from and why as to accessing NHS services. You/she would need to check this out, but unless she had the right to remain and the right to NHS treatment, she wouldn’t be able to get Rebif (or any treatment / drugs) on the NHS.

If she is already a U.K. citizen it’s probably easier, but you’d still need to check it out depending on how long she’s been resident elsewhere.

(Don’t forget Brexit - if she’s coming from an EU country and we’ve left the Union, then it’s unlikely she’d be able to ue our NHS.)


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