Rebif side effects

Hi all, my first post even though I have been on here a few years Does anybody else develop side effects after a few years on beta interferon? Or is it MS itself? Depression and other similar symptoms?

Can’t answer that, I’m afraid… I’ve been on Rebif for 18 months now, and I think I’ve been slightly stressed and depressed, but that could be the interferon… or the MS… my neuro doesn’t know which, the MS Nurse doesn’t know, and I’ve given up worrying about it! I just accept that my life has gone mostly to sh*t, shrug and get on with it…

i was on rebif and had a terrible time on it. came off after 3 months. now on gilenya- much better.

I was on Rebif for a few years, the side effects only bothered me for the first few weeks…flu-like symptoms which gradually disappeared as my body got used to the drug.