Rebif side effects

Hi, I’ve been on rebif 22 for two weeks now I have had the flu like headache and fever side effects. But this week I have had severe stomach cramps I’ve had terrible diarrhoea this evening not been able to leave the loo… Is this a side effect? I feel thoroughly drained! Will it get better?

This could be unrelated to your Rebif, eg it might be a bug, but if it doesn’t stop in a day or two and it starts again with your next injection you should definitely call your MS nurse - Rebif may not be for you :frowning: I had a quick look on for side effects and abdominal pain is quite common, but diarrhoea isn’t listed (it gets a brief mention, but there are no stats). Are you using ibuprofen or paracetamol to minimise side effects? Ibuprofen can irritate some people’s stomachs so if you are taking it, maybe switch to paracetamol? If you aren’t taking anything, then please try it: 2 with the injection and 2 every 4 hours thereafter (max 8 in 24 hours). I’ve found that prevention is the best strategy. It will help with the “flu” stuff anyway. Karen x

Should have said, give yourself an extra day before you do the next injection to see for sure whether it’s the Rebif causing it. In other words, have your two day gap early. You can switch back next week if all is well. Kx

Hi anon Pre Rebif, I suffered terribly from constipation but now no problems at all. So it certainly has a similar effect on me !! Xx

Hi thanks for advise I will try leaving today’s injection still having pains today! I can’t take ibuprofen as I have had ulcers in the past, so I’m just on paracetamol but I do take gabapentin but have been for about a year!