Rebif and thoughts of self harm/suicide - UPDATE

I posted over the weekend about this, and got many helpful and thoughtful replies.

My MS nurse has told me to stop the Rebif, which I have. That’s the end of the line for me and DMDs, so who knows what will happen now,.

Thank you all once again for your advice and help.


I’m sorry to hear about your problems with Rebif, Sarah. It just goes to show that we are all different as i’ve been on it over 7years now and have been ok.

Have you asked about Gilenya?

There are new oral drugs on the horizon so you may have a little time without treatment but hopefully you might be able to go on one of the new ones. BG12 was supposed to be available later this year. It’s a drug which is used in the treatment of psoriasis at the moment and from what i have read so far - has minimal side effects. It works differently to the dmd’s.

There is information on this site ‘research and news’ which tells you about the new treatments that are in trials at the moment.

I hope you find something that suits you.

Best wishes


Hi Sarah,

I am having porblems with Rebif aswell. Thissis my second week. I started feeling very sick after my second injection.

I have read that Rebif elevates the levels of vit d3 in the body. I have been taking a really high dose of vit d3 (12,000 iu) and I have been feeling really good on it until I started Rebif. However, I also read that if you have an underlying Magnesium deficiency, the high levels of vit d3 can accentuate this deficiency and one of the main symptoms is nausea. So, I have reduced my vit d3 intake to 50000 iu and I started taking 250 mg of Magnesium Citrate yesterday. After a couple of hours I felt a lot better. I have also been feeling very anxious and nervous. These feelings have also gone. I have just taken another injection. I’m hoping my side-effects won’t be so bad this time.

I’m not suggesting that taking supplement will relief your suicidal thoughts but I have found that since my MS has got worse that taking vit d3, vit b12 and now Magnesium have made things a lot better.

As to DMDs, looking at the MSdecisions website, Copaxone dooesn’t appear to have any effect on mood.

Hope things work out for you.

Adrian x

Thank you all again.

In the 10 years I’ve had MS, I have already taken Copazone, Avonex and Rebif, so I don’t think that leaves anything else.

I also take a high dose of D3 & magnesium.

I hope things work out for you Adrian.


Ah, you’re a much older hand at this than me then. Thanks.

No Gilenya or Tysabri? That sucks :frowning:

Karen x

Hello All,

Sadly there is no cure to MS no matter you take Rebif Injections, whether it is REBIF INTERFERON beta1a,REBIF INTERFERON 22/44/66 or even high potency injections than 66.

MS has 3 types, Some even say 4 types

Relapsing multiple sclerosis (RRMS)
Relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), Same as first
Secondary-progressive MS (SPMS)
Primary-progressive MS (SPMS)

First discover what MS you have and then start treatment accordingly.