Rebif and Blood Counts

Hi i have been on Rebif since August last year my blood counts have alway been in normal Range. Went to see Neuro last week and had bloods done and i got a letter today saying that my Neurtrophil count is Low mine last time was 4.0 now is 1.4 quiet worried is this normal ?

I Have got to get it repeated in 4 weeks time just want to know if is normal or not .


Lisa x

Rebif can affect neutrophil counts (according to it’s found in 13% of Rebif users), but from a quick look on google(!) it seems that it’s getting serious at <1 so you’re a wee bit off that. I think an infection can cause them to go down too, so perhaps you’ve had an infection recently and it’s nothing to do with Rebif?

Your MS nurse should be able to fill you in I would think.

Karen x

Thanks Rizzo i will call my Ms Nurse on Monday to see if she can help .

Thanks Lisa