Really itchy after injecting


I have been on copaxone for around 6 weeks now.  I started off really well with the injection every day.  But I am now finding that after injecting, a day later I am really itchy around that spot.  There are no raised bumps but it drives me a bit mad as it itches like a bite.

I spoke with my MS Nurse who taught me how to inject and he can't explain it.  He did not advise icing the area, but to change the injection so it injects a little deeper. 

Has anyone had experience of this.


Hello Sue,

                 I am not sure if this is the same thing, but my sister (who does not have MS) is allergic to all jabs and she has been told that this is down to her being allergic to steel. She finds it a bit better if she wipes the area with surgical spirit after and jabs of any kind.

                        Best Wishes,


This happened to me - don't despair, you an improve things and it will ease once you have been on the drug for a while.   Three things:

Try using a  cold pack to cool the area prior to injecting (I had a gel pack supplied with the drug - just put it in the freezer)

use Aloe gel after injections - it is cooling and soothing and I found it brilliant

Try injecting deeper by either changing the depth guage on the autoject or doing manual injections.  this worked best for me


That is sound advise, thanks both.  I have a gel pack but my MS Nurse said they don't recommend it, wonder why?  I will give this a try though as it drives you mad with the itching.  He did advise about the depth as well so hopefully if I follow advice this will go away.

thanks again

Hiya.  I had a nighmare when I started Copaxone, with all sorts of site reactions, the itching drove me crazy though.  I ended up having to take antihistamines until my body got more used to it.  The 1 a day, non drowsy ones are fine (own brand from wherever you shop are much cheaper).  The next day I would make sure I used Bio Oil or a soothing lotion which really helps with the site reactions and keeps my skin in great condition which helps the injection go into the skin too.

With regard to the gel pads, I found a warm one before and a cold one after helped me, so it's worth trying different things to see what works for you (i.e. cold before + after, warm before + cold after etc).

Hope you find something that works well for you.



Sorry, I also meant to say the advantage with manual injections is you can inject much more slowly - the autoject rather shoots it into you.   I was incredibly squeamish about needles and still am - but once you have done one, it is so easy and having that better control of speed as well as depth just about eliminated the itching for me.  I would recommend it personally.  Good luck.

Thanks all I will try all your suggestions.  I have manually injected once and it wasn't too bad, and it was in the hardest place the hip, I was very proud of myself angel