I started Copaxone a month ago and am suffering with very itchy skin, reactions at every injection site, the MS nurse said I might have to change drugs as the sites are so hard/itchy/hot etc. Anyone got any advice/remedies


i use double base gel everywhere. if your skin is kept in good condition the needle goes in easier.

you can get this on prescription and i have a prepayment certificate so i’m always well stocked up.

carole x

Thanks for those replies, what is “base gel”?

I have been advised to try heating before injecting and then using an aloe cream about two hours later for a week to start with and then go the other way and use a cold pack first.

It is so itchy and painful that lying down is a bit difficult!

R x

Hi Rebd1 I have been on Copaxone since July. In the beginning, the welts, itchiness and pain (felt like a deep burning) were horrible. It also seemed to set off muscle spasms. After playing around with injection sites, I have found some to be much better than others. Legs and arms are a big no for me, it hits the muscle and spasms badly. My abdominal area brings up big welts. I now rotate around my glutes and my sides. Without issues. Although Copaxone is supposed to take effect after 6-9 months. The fatigue I was suffering was improved significantly after a couple of months. I was also advised on the ice and anti histamine but tried neither. Stick with it. It gets better. : )

hi rebd

double base gel is for very dry skin and eczema.

it is very light and soaks in quickly.

the podiatrist commented that the skin on my feet is healthy!

carole x

Hi, I take allergy tablets and also warm the injection in my hand or under my arm! I have found the injection to be a lot more comfortable, if its not so cold. The day after my injection if there is, which there often is, hard lumps I massage and rub the lump till it disappears. I’m not sure whether or not you’re supposed to do that, but it works for me. My injection sites have got much better now, I started early in October. Also, I don’t know whether or not you use the auto injector? I found the injection sites were a lot worse when using this. Injecting myself means that I can do the injection as slow as I like. It has worked better for me. I found that its all trial and error, if you can, try all different options and you might find a way that works for you. Good luck Debs xx

I would use body lotion or male moisturiser - just keep the skin in good shape, if possible…and hopefully things will ease up, i don’t use the auto-injector, just inject manually, feels as if I have more control…

For the first time last night I did away with the autoinjector - today I have woken up with not even a mark on the skin so hopefully that will continue - I will hope to do away with it all together. Thank you everyone for your advice