Radar key

Quick question does anyone use a radar key for disabled toilets. With my issues with my bladder was thinking about getting one. So who do I get in-touch with to get one. Neil

Neil, try these - https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/shop/official-and-only-genuine-radar-key - https://www.mssociety.org.uk/care-and-support/resources-and-publications/publications-search/i-need-some-help-card

Good luck.

Neil, I have bladder problems as well and have a Radar key. Bought mine from https://www.radarkey.org/ MS2017


I bought mine from the local Shopmobility.

Best wishes.

You can even get them from Amazon.

If you can get them on amazon does that mean anyone can have one ?

Yes, anyone can buy a radar key.

I got mine from Disability Rights UK, ÂŁ4.75


Shopmobility sell them or online. I couldn’t survive without mine. Lots of coffee shops and restaurants’ disabled toilets use RADAR key entry now, not sure why.

I went to a pub for lunch recently, went to the disabled toilet, RADAR key entry. ( I use disabled when they are a shorter walking distance) Used my RADAR key. Opened the door and shrieked… it was the store for the bar!! Did think about telling the bar staff that the disabled toilet needed more toilet paper, but didn’t.

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Thanks for your reply’s going to order one can only help

Just ordered my key should be here in time for our weekend away in Scarborough thanks for the advice

Well done. Think there’s an app you can download that tells you where the nearest disabled toilet is.

I had it on my old phone. Very useful if you’re in a new place.

Have fun in Scarborough.