R.I.P Mandy who had PPMS

I met a women, Mandy, who had PPMS last year.

Her condition was quite similar to my own, but with added problems.

After going to meet up, I learned she had passed away at Christmas.

Fair the well my friend.

Hi Terry,

Oh that is so sad to hear, and what an awful shock for you, I am so sorry.

My condolences to her family and friends.

Pam x

So very sorry, Terry.

Nina x

Hi there Pam. I never got to know the people she was close too. Her PPMS was so bad, she kept her business to herself. Like myself she plodded on, trying to walk & taking the pain & problems in her stride. The cognition & brain fog were very obvious. In the end, apparently her breathing had issues. Primary Progressive makes everything a problem. Plenty of things get on our nerves & cause issues. I can remember the heated debates about PiP & attracting scroungers. She was in the RAF when she was diagnosed & lost her job, because of poor health. She took solice in enjoying a bevy in a quiet pub. Such a lovely person.

So very sorry to hear about Mandy. Very hard to hear of anyone dying and having PPMS . So hard as we all have MS and so may of us are so different as we have many challenges to cope with. Hope that as we go through our own MS journey as best as we can.