Questions to ask Specialist

Hello All

So from February I experienced numbness, balance issues and blurred vision in one eye. As my symptoms progressively got worse I was seen by a Neurologist and sent for Cervical Spine and Brain MRI’s.

Both showed clear of lesions and a Lumber
Puncture was arranged, after 6 weeks and chasing results I was told over the phone that my CSF oligoclonal bands are positive for nueroinflammation and was told I have MS and would be referred to a specialist.

I have my appointment booked for Aug 3rd and don’t really know what to expect from it. Any advice would be appreciated and also what questions to ask.

Although many of my symptoms have eased I still have a numb left arm me, I feel a little off balance occasionally still and do get vibrations eminating from my spine when I have done too much. I work in a warehouse/DIY store. I fine fatigue is my biggest battle which is very hard as I have 3 teen sons….