What is the range of severity of MS?

Could I still possibly ‘always’ walk without any mobility aid during remissions?

hi anon

with a bit of luck, yes you can.

i used a stick for the first 3 months and 5 years later, i’ve used it for the first time today.

of course everyone is different but believe you will walk and you will!!!

good idea to exercise and make sure that your muscles dont atrophy

i’m the one with teeth gritted who punishes myself on the treadmill at the gym

good luck

carole x

Oh carole (neil sedaka), if only I could think myself into doing what I cant. My legs gave up on me years ago! Still can`t blame you for being positive. I am as positive as I can be, but this beggar still knocks me down.

luv Pollx

poll (put the kettle on)

neil sedaka was in the charts when i was born.

i’ve had 4 copies of that blasted song because everybody bought it for me

a boyfriend when i was 16 bought it for me too and was disgruntled when i didnt look delighted.

poor lad i’m glad my boys havent had such ungrateful girlfriends

i thought about my wording on the original reply but couldnt make it sound less like i’m showing off without losing the sense - if you know what i mean

today my legs are hurting really badly so put the gym off until further notice

oh hum…

carole xx

this is probably what worries me the most. life seems very uncertain but the advice ive been given is life each day as it comes as you just cant predict what to come(yea it sucks) so thats how im trying to look at this issue… xxx

The question was “what is the range of severity?”

Honestly?? You want to know what the worst end is?

The worst end is having very few remissions (or none at all), which will eventually take it’s toll, and mean that walking will be a no go!

BUT the other end of that is that many people carry on walking, and live to an average age expectancy.

AND… there’s everything inbetween!!

(I don’t mean to sound negative, but the “believe you can walk and you will” thing is helpful… it’s not always a case of believing, it depends how hard your MS hits, and where it hits!

How long is a piece of string? I’m more than 2.5 years post diagnosis, which I know is still early days, in some respects. But I think I had it several years before that.

I’ve still never used a mobility aid, yet, even during a relapse.

The worst relapse I had, I was unable to feel my feet, or tell exactly where they were, so I had to walk very carefully, keeping an eye on what they were doing. But they still moved OK, so I didn’t need an “aid”, as such - just had to take special care to avoid accidents.

My great aunt lived to 87 with MS, and though I don’t have documentary proof, family anecdote suggests she didn’t use a wheelchair until the last few months of her life. I don’t mean she was unaffected the rest of the time, but not needing a wheelchair 'til your mid-80s doesn’t sound THAT bad, does it?