Question on FES funding

On behalf of the MS Society, I’m meeting with Health Professionals next week. Amongst the topics for discussion is funding for FES. The health service where I am in the Isle of Man does not provide funding for FES.

To help me prepare for this meeting, can you let me know whether or not the health service in your area provides funding for FES and let me know your location.

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Nope. West Sussex. That’s Coastal West Sussex CCG. Unless you are an ‘exceptional’ case. And it’s pretty impossible to be exceptional as we are all different with MS.


Hi Derek

Yes in Derby - Southern Derbyshire CCG


My FES has been funded by Tower Hamlets in East London since 2001, although they did stop funding about four years ago for some unfathomable reason and it took a lengthy appeal before it was reinstated.

Yes. West Midlands, specifically Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham.

Yes, South Manchester through my CCG.

I am in West Sussex and get NHS funding, I am not exceptional but got in before the door got slammed shut. I still had to write a business case explaining the longer term saving of vital NHS resources by reduced A&E and hospital time courtesy of the FES. I am able to still go out a bit rather than fester at home so I wont need as much home or psych support. We need to share the bigger picture.


I live in Teesside and was given my FES by the physiotherapist. I don’t have any follow up appointments and have to buy my own electrodes. Does that count as part funded?

Yes, Leicestershire - Leicester General Hospital

I’d second that, my FES physio said I was overusing my hip to walk - and I find it quite noticeable that a few months later with the FES, the limited amount of walking I still do now makes my hip hurt less, as my muscles are helping to lift my leg - so less damage to my hip, which will save the NHS costs in terms of physio, not to mention potential surgery, and it must help keep the muscles in better condition as well - it really is a bit of a no-brainer. And being able to get about a bit easier means I’m more likely to do it too.


Yes. Mine does. Morriston Hospital, Swansea S. Wales.

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