Question for all you RRMSers.......

Hi Lovely people

Would you please explain to me how your relapses affect you?

The reason I ask is I am trying to put my mind at ease on the possible type of MS I have.

I had a relapse where my arm went completely numb for about five weeks and slowly returned to normal. Albeit, with the occassional tingle every now and then. Another episode was when my eye became sore and went blurry for about 8 weeks, once again returning to normal after a few weeks. I have had bouts of bowel issues which have lasted about three weeks and have steadilly improved over time. I would have though that RRMS would fall into this category.

I have another problem where one of my legs becomes stiff/ painful and this has lasted for about 6 months now. Throughout which, it has either been really bad, or only just a slight ache, depending on the day when it wants to play me up. The pain/ stiffness has never fully left me though. Would I be right in thinking that this is what progressive MS is like?

Is it possible to be classed as a PPMSer and RRMSer both at the same time?


I think you are worrying unnecessarily. You cannot be both PPMS and RRMS - the two are mutually exclusive. You have had distinct episodes from which you have largely recovered. This is not consistent with PPMS. But it’s a common misunderstanding that RRMS means you should feel absolutely fine in between relapses. For many - a majority, I’d say - recovery is not 100%, and you can expect to accumulate some persistent symptoms that never really go away. The body does repair what it can, but the repairs are not perfect.

I think of it like more and more areas being patched up with gaffer tape. It does work - sort of - but it’s not the best.

Sadly, even RRMS is a progressive illness, which means damage mounts up over time. But imperfect recovery from relapses does not mean you have PPMS.