Long-term PPMS following relapse?

Hi all, I’m still new to the forum but have been dealing with a long list of progressive symptoms for 10 years now. Numbness on one side, urinary issues, blurry and painful eyesight, to name a few. Although these issues have interfered with daily life, they’ve not been massively debilitating (yet). I’ve been lucky. However, about 4 days ago it seems like I’ve had an actual relapse? I woke up and my left foot (on my ‘healthy’ side) had gone severely numb and quite weak up my leg (far more than my right foot and leg after 10 years of slow progression) and it has gotten worse over a few days. I’m still walking and on my feet at work but it’s very challenging and I have insane fatigue along side this, just feeling quite unwell really. Does this sound like a relapse? Have any of you ever gone from PPMS to relapsing, or heard of that happening to someone? I’ve only heard of it happening the other way around (i.e. Secondary Progressive MS). What I’ve learned most about MS is that despite all the different types, there’s always exceptions to the rules. I can see what people mean now when they say the disease is different for everyone.

if you have been diagnosed with PPMS the neuro may have got it wrong. its not always 100 percent with diagnosis. I would see your GP about this and have it checked out, dont always assume its your MS ok. You may even have a UTI. this can make you feel worse and give you a pseudo exacerbation of symptoms. I would certainly see my GP about this or if you have one ring your MS nurse. I have PPMS, left sided weakness and if anything serious like that hit my right side i would be on the phone. My right side keeps me upright. Yes i do get some sensory stuff on my right side, but never had an issue with my not being able to weight bear or my left foot playing me up. x