Query regarding optic neuritis

Hi wonder if any one can help me out here?..had a foot drop last year, diagnosed cis and started on Dmds as I’m high risk of further attacks after MRI results!..looking back at things I’m sure around 3 years ago I suffered optic neuritis…I had really painful eyes when I moved them, was really sensitive to light especially on watching tv or pc and vision was also weird, another odd thing was my radio alarm clock in my bedroom is red and out of one eye if looked white!!..was gonna go to the opticians but thought it’ll get better and after about 6 weeks it did!..does it sound like ON and if it was after 3 years would it show on a brain scan still and would my optic nerve still be inflamed when having an eye test as optician said mine looked normal in nov at eye test…if it was ON is it worth mentioning to neurologist as it won’t change anything as I’m on mess already…thanks Emma x

My experience of ON was a painful eye and loss of colour vision for about six to eight weeks so it sounds like it to me. I would mention it to your neuro because it’s a symptom and needs to be on your records. Incidentally, I had ON 12 years before the next episode that let to my diagnosis and was told at the time that it’s a very common first symptom.

I think Val has it right about mentioing it to your neuro. It does sound like ON. ON usually improves a lot after a few weeks. My vision (one eye) was reduced to light perception so I went to my GP who referred me to opthalmology. By 4 weeks it was a lot better (far from OK but a lot better). If the inflamation wasn’t on the optic nerve where it passes through the retina it could only be seen by MRI - an optician couldn’t see it. I think it would show on an MRI scan. To detetct ON the scan might be made in smaller steps but it might show up on a regular brain scan. Neurological examination of vision may show up evidence of ON. A detailed colour vision test might well show some colour vision loss even if it seems OK. A Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) test is fairly comon in MS investigations and might well show a deficit.

I guess as your on meds confirmation of ON won’t make much difference (as you write) except your CIS DX might (should - but I don’t know!) be changed to MS.

Hi thanks for the advice what I was wondering though is would the lesion still show 3 years after I had the ON cause I never went to anybody when it happened just kind of ignored it think I should get my eyes tested but it eventually subsided so I left it!’s only after 3 years when I had the foot drop I had an MRI and they didn’t mention any old lesions affecting my optic nerve so I’m not sure!’s funny what you can relate back to! Emma

After I had a MRI scan the neuro report to me was that I had old lesions but I think they can disappear.