m.s brain scan

Hi all, I am due to have a brain scan without contrast due to my ongoing symptoms that seem to be consistent with m.s.over the last 3 years. I’ve had all the usually tests n scans about 18 moths ago, most were marked as normal. I have a terrible walking gait, balance, cognitive impairment etc. I then developed a small episode of optic neuritis a month ago, upon which I ignored. My next brain scan is in October. Could this be m s and would there be any lesions regarding the On. and or Yvette other symptoms? I’m at the end of my tether and pretty much house bound. I no longer have neurologist I was discharged over a year r ago. Many Thanks to you all

Hi, I don’t think there is anyway of knowing until you have the scan. It seems to me lots of people suffer with lots of symptoms including ON and still have clear tests. Hopefully it will lead to some answers for you, one way or the other. Best of luck.

Hi Anon

I’m glad you have a repeat MRI brain. I would really push to get referred back to a neuro though, particulalrly if your symptoms are so bad you can’t walk. Something is definitely not right and you need help.

The optic neuritis may or may not show on the brain scan - unfortunately if it’s started to mend there may not be a lesion visible there. Having an EVP may show this but you ideally need to see a neuro or at the very least a neuro-ophthalmologist to get this done.

Could it be MS. Well your symptoms are in keeping with MS but your symptoms could also fit many other conditions hence why it’s really important you get referred to see a neuro to get properly investigated.

Sometimes tests can all be fairly normal when symptoms initially start though it is less common, however repeat tests later on can sometimes show a change that can lead to an MS diagnosis. There is also a diconnect between symptoms and lesions. So patients can have minimal symptoms but lots of lesions and visa versa.

My first two MRI’s showed non-specific lesions (not necessarily typical MS type and area). My first episode started 2 years ago and since then I’ve at least 3 other epsiodes. My last neuro review last week my MS specialist said he had seen many patients like me with non-specific lesions go on to have MS so he’s repeating all MRI’s, bloods and doing LP and EVP in the hope there will be evidence to diagnose and get me on treatment. They may all still come back clear or the same but only time will tell.

In the meantime have you considered getting some support from social services / GP are you getting any disability living allowance. I’m not an expert in this area but I know there are others on here who have debilitating symptoms and have not been diagnosed for many years that have needed help so I don’t think you need a diagnosis for this.

It may be worth posting on the everyday living scetion if you want more advice on help/support as they answer more readily and will have more experience of these matters.

Good luck and push to see a neuro.



Hi Anon,

If you have already been conclusively diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, it should not matter whether that, in particular, shows up on the scan, as they already know you’ve had it, by other techniques. It doesn’t need to be diagnosed twice.

I’m assuming they will primarily be looking for other lesions - nothing to do with the ON. If they can see the ON, it won’t tell them anything they don’t already know, but if they see other lesions too, they’ll know it’s more widespread than “just” ON.