Good day friends.

Just wondering if anybody has been to any of the Proms this year? I almost always go but like a seat these days!


I have been listening to them on Radio3 and watching performances on the iPlayer. Bernstein’s ‘On The Town’ was a humdinger.

However, I have been to three performances at the Snape Maltings Proms; all jazz concerts. I was seated.

I am sure someone will have been to the more famous BBC Proms.


No but if I had, I would need a seat also!

Good to see you, hope things are as well as can be with you…


Before I was a full time wheelchair user I would book a disabled seat, spend £7 to park in ICL next door and be pushed to the right place. They would look after my chair as well. It took planning but I was able to attend. The Barbican and Southbank have good facilities as well.