Hi everyone!

It has been a little while since I posted, but nothing much has been happening. over the last couple of months, things have been getting a little harder but I am ploughing on. I trust you are all ok?

I have shared my downs with you so thought I would hsare some progress with you. After a year of waiting, I now have medication!

I had a very successful appointment with my GP today - she was really very good. I have been prescribed baclofen for the spasticity which I am really pleased with. Also, I have been prescibed medication for anxiety (finally!).

So a happy(ish) day for me so far!

Hope you are all well,


Hi Kw

Glad to hear you have some progress, it should not take that long. With regard to the baclofen may I suggest you start on a low dose and increase slowly, your gp has hopefully explained all that to you, I only mention it in case they didnt.

I hope it helps you as it does me, take care

Pam x

Hi Pam,

I am just taking one pill a day for the next couple of days and building it up from there. I took one last night and I could bend my toes for the first time since I can remember. It was pretty incredible.

Fingers crossed for other such victories!



Long may it continue!

Pam x

hi KW baclofen is great but do build it up slowly, glad its working for you…i wouldnt be without it…Take Care Mac

Yah good to hear that you have some meds sorted. My anti depresants are my favoourite tablets along with pain killers as a close run second. Spasticity is great for Baclofen a match made in heaven but do start slowly I became like a jelly when I took to much. I now use tazanidine after a hickup with treatment but it does the same.

Hi Kw, Good luck with the new medication! Nina

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know, so far so good with the balcofen. It makes me feel so relaxed which is a huge novelty. I am sleeping at night again which is so amazing - I have a lot of sleep to catch up on!!

Take care guys!

Glad to hear your good news. Fingers crossed the med’s really help… I’m sure they will. Pat xx


Brilliant news, long may it continue.

Pam x