Process after being diagnosed

Hi all, very new to this site and was told the best place to get advice was on here.

ive just been diagnosed with MS 3 weeks ago after 3 relapses first started 2 years ago but the 1st time I was told it was TM.

my recent MRI showed inflammation on my spine cord and about 9 scars/lesions on the brain scan.

im just wondering what happens now, been told they are having a meeting to discuss medication and the ms will be in touch.

what happens next.

also I’m still getting symptoms from my relapse in December, having hot and cold patches in my left leg, and my spine is really sore like burning when I look down or put my shoulders forward.

any advice would be great.

Hi there Lornyp,

I think you’ll find when you see the MS nurse that things will start to move. My nurse usually seems to have longer appointment slots than the neuro, so plenty of time for questions, and she’s always pretty helpful. You should be given a treatment plan and plenty of useful information. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling really worried about any symptoms, you could always 'phone the nurse; they know you’ll be anxious, and they’re there to help.

Hope all goes well and you feel a bit better soon.


hi lorny

welcome to the club, not something i’d wish anyone membership of but we have a laugh.

ben is right, your ms nurse will be a godsend.

the brilliant thing is being able to start medication.

carole x

Lorny my luv,

The only legal requirement is you advise the DVLA. Not legal but sensible; advise your car insurance as if you make a claim they could refuse on the grounds you did not advise them. Don’t worry they will not up your premiums or refuse insurance.

If you have a mortgage and have ‘critical illness’ policy; claim. There’s only one proviso; you must give half to the person who told you; namely me! Lol.

Good luck


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Aww thanks all,

just waiting is a worry and it’s stressful.

is the hot and cold patches in my leg part of it, and also the spine pain. Today I also been having like a buzzing sort of vibration feeling at the top of my spine.

is this normal MS?

will the medication stop all of this and also the relapses?

im currently working part time, I’ve also been told about the pales diet and to do exercise but it’s all so expensive, is there any help we can get.

hope your all having a good day today.

and thanks again.